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Obviously I cannot describe general effects, only God can do this. But praying this prayer has had the following effects upon me:

  1. Clearing my thoughts
    In praying the Jesus Prayer my thoughts become clear. I have new and creative ideas and to my surprise I remember things that I had forgotten.
  2. Focus on God
    When I pray I focus on Jesus and not on myself.
  3. Liberation from fear
    Sometimes I am frightened and the Jesus Prayer helps me to realize that God is with me and is Lord even in this situation (Going to the dentist definitely is one of these kinds of situations!)
  4. Frequent contact with God
    I used to get through a whole day and then realise that I had not given God a single thought. Fortunately, this is completely different now.
  5. `Wasted´ time can be spent usefully
    Do you know the feeling of standing in a queue at the supermarket and time passing very slowly? That is the time to pray the Jesus Prayer! It keeps you calm and gives you the opportunity to make contact with God.
  6. Counters anger
    Sometimes I can be really short-tempered. But when I start praying it soothes me.
  7. Brings joy to God
    I cannot of course prove this, but as God created us for worshipping Him, I am sure that He takes delight in my prayers.
  8. Declares the truth
    I believe that the prayer “Jesus Christ is Lord” is absolutely true. Knowing the truth and declaring it sets us free. This is an ideal foundation for life.